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    产品名称: GGB 40GHz 射频探针

    产品型号:Model 40A


    产品详细介绍 产品相关

    ? Durable RF probe
    ?? Any pitch from 25 to 2540 microns
    ? DC to 40 GHz
    ? Insertion loss less than 0.8 db
    ? Return loss greater than 18 db
    ? Measurement repeatability better than -80db
    ? Individually spring loaded contacts
    ? BeCu , Tungsten or Nickel tips available?
    ? Variety of footprints
    ? Patented coaxial designPatented coaxial design
    ? Available in thirteen styles?
    ? Custom configurations available

    The GGB Industries, Inc., MODEL 40A microwave probe sets new standards in microwave probing performance. Using low loss coaxial techniques, the Model 40A achieves an insertion loss of less than 0.8 db and a return loss of greater than 18 db through 40 GHz.

    With its individually spring loaded, Beryllium-Copper, Tungsten, or Nickel tips, the Model 40A provides reliable contacts, even when probing non-planar structures. This reliable low resistance contact is one of the keys to providing highly repeatable measurements.

    The Model 40A microwave probe also provides direct viewing of the probe tips for accurate positioning.

    The Model 40A can be mounted in various adaptors for use with standard microwave probe stations or attached to thin blades for use with dc probe needles on a probe card or multi-contact wedge. Custom mounts are available as well.

    Any pitch (tip spacing) from 25 to 2540 microns may be specified.? The probe can be configured with Ground-Signal-Ground (G,S,G), Ground-Signal (G,S), or Signal-Ground (S,G) tip footprints.

    Connection to the Model 40A is through a female K connector (2.9mm) which is 3.5mm connector compatible.