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    产品名称: 低温单轴应力施加装置

    产品型号: CS100 CS110 CS120 CS130


    产品详细介绍 产品相关

    Cryostrain: a cryogenic uniaxial strain cell

    Apply continuously tunable tensile and compressive strains within a cryogenic environment.
    Suitable for use with scanning probe and confocal microscopy, x-ray and neutron scattering, resistivity, susceptibility and many other measurement techniques.
    This product is a component for use with a wide range of commercial or home-built cryogenic measurement systems.

    Product Overview
    · 可对样品施加精确的、连续可调的压缩和拉伸应变,无机械回差。
    · 高度紧凑,最小的产品(CS100)可以垂直或水平安装在1”(26 mm)孔内(可用于PPMS?
    · 温度补偿—施加的应变可以在很宽温度范围内保持恒定。
    · 工作温度低于1 K,可用于高磁场。
    · 不同角度接触样品,适用于低温扫描探针显微镜


    3常规导线可使用高达?±200 V电压,更多细节信息请联系我们进行咨询。

    Match theory to experiment

    Significant recent research effort has been spent investigating the electronic and magnetic properties of materials when subjected to uniaxial strains because it allows a convenient way to compare structure/property relationships as predicted from theory experimentally. See?Uniaxial Strain in Condensed Matter Physics.

    Compatible with a wide range of probes

    The cryostrain cell is the ideal component for your cryogenic measurement system -? compatible with a wide variety of different probes, including x-ray diffraction, scanning probe microscopy, optical imaging and electrical measurements.

    Complementary to existing techniques

    The cryostrain cells is an ideal companion to diamond anvil cells, providing a complementary technique while also offering better sample access, positive and negative stresses, and in-situ tunability.

    A tried and tested technology

    The Cryostrain family is based on a technology that has been used in an laboratory environment for more than two years leading to several publications, including a?recent high profile paper in the journal science.



    除了热补偿之外,具有数对彼此对立工作的压电陶瓷,意味着对比直接胶合到样品上单个压电叠堆可以产生更高的位移; 考虑到本质上短压电行程长度有价值的改进。应变样品非常容易接近,将样品安装在可以最大化角度进入的顶部表面上。例如,当样品安装在应变单元上时,扫描探针尖端可以扫描表面。