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    Tel:86(10)-82251642, 82251833


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    Company Overview

    Razorbill Instruments Ltd (SC489857), is a SEIS-ready start-up founded in late 2014, that specialises in high quality research tools for a wide range of microscopy and?nanofabrication applications. The company main site is located within the Royal Observatory, Edinburgh.

    Awards & Grants

    Razorbill Instruments have received numerous awards and commendations since its inception.

    • Finalists in St Andrews Ideas Explosion 2014

    • Third prize winners in Converge Challenge 2014

    • Winner of the?Mercia Fund Pitch Competition 2015

    • Recipient of a Scottish Enterprise SMART award

    • 若想了解更多详情,请登录公司原网站: http://razorbillinstruments.com